IQeon successfully reaching Whitepaper milestones

31 May 2018
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IQeon successfully reaching Whitepaper milestones

This month of May IQeon paid 250 IQN to the winners in the Dota 2 SchoolCup 2018, from the bonus fund allocated for the development of the project. The guys showed an excellent level of the play and, of course, we are glad to see them in our community. And also 50 000 IQN was reserved for Ethos Universal Wallet airdrop programm - each pre-registered Ethos user will be granted with some small portion of IQN, which will bring our cryptocurrency to masses and give awarness about IQeon to huge community of Ethos.

Track our bonus payments here:

We are glad to inform you that we are distributing IQN, according to our plan in the Whitepaper. We expect more productivity from the whole team next month, do not miss upcoming interesting news!



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