IQeon Software testing specialist: why every project needs a testing engineer?

Tatsiana Kulesh - IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Tatsiana Kulesh, our Software testing specialist!

Tatsiana delved into the world of development and QA engineering after graduation from university. Then, after completing software testing courses, she went through all kinds of advanced training programs and attended seminars to beef up her knowledge and boost her skills.

IQeon project became the girl's first experience of working in a product company. Here the specialist is engaged in functional testing of the team's developments, namely, she checks their performance and seeks out all kinds of bugs and vulnerabilities.

According to Tatsiana, it is crucial for a testing specialist to “catch” the most critical defects before the production stage so as not to give the user a shoddy product and ruin his first user experience.

All developers and testers understand that it is impossible to create a system with no bugs. But there are critical errors that can be fatal for the program and the project as a whole. It is important to pay attention not only to complex processes but also to elementary actions, where bugs can lead to the collapse of the system. This is why every project needs a tester as much as developers or managers who control processes. And the sooner the specialist gets down to work, the better the final product will be.

Testing attracts Tatsiana by the constant monitoring of all possible scenarios. This requires not only a deep knowledge of the product, but also an inquisitive mind, attentiveness, perseverance and, to some extent, even pedantry. Moreover, a specialist needs to have good communication skills, because he or she constantly interacts with the PM, developers, designers and other team members.

It is important to understand that a tester doesn’t create a feature, he tests it thoroughly, looking into every dark corner (sometimes even those places a programmer or user would never pay attention to). I really enjoy the result, when the feature works as it should work, when a tricky bug that reproduces sometimes is fixed. But it is even more exciting to work in a team of excellent specialists and participate in the creation of something truly non-trivial and useful.

Tatsiana considers the specifics of gaming platform a good experience, which is very important for any specialist.

It doesn’t matter what project a tester is working on, the profession unites people of various scopes, who love asking “How?”, “What for?”, “Why?” and strain after research and analysis. If you know how to ratiocinate and, which is important, quickly shift from one task to another, then the profession of a tester is definitely for you.

Now Tatsiana plans to dive into test automation and studying programming languages.

The benefits of autotests are enormous. It’s common knowledge that a tester's job means a lot of routine work. And with the help of scripts, you can speed up the search for vulnerabilities. When you can bring automation into your routine and save time for yourself and your managers, that's very cool.

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