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Hleb Taptunou - IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Hleb Taptunou, our SEO specialist!

Hleb has been engaged in SEO optimization over the last four years. During this time, his portfolio replenished with a lot of local and foreign promotion projects – from online stores to information portals. However, the specialist is not complacent: every year he upgrades his skills by attending conferences for webmasters from Yandex and BrightonSEO projects, taking part in webinars and author's online SEO courses.

Hleb joined IQeon project about a year ago. Here he is involved in external and internal optimization of websites, increasing their positions in the list of pages found by search engines for specific user requests.

According to Hleb, SEO is the most changing area in digital marketing. However, this is exactly the tool that helps the user choose the website according to the search results, without forcing someone’s opinion.

SEO promotion covers a huge number of marketing areas. In addition to product optimization, you have to work with web analytics tools to find the relationship between user behavior and search results.

However, SEO is not only about statistics, but also about creativity. There are strict recommendations for website promotion from Yandex and Google, which should be followed unfailingly. But to succeed in this, you need to experiment and invent something of your own. Moreover, this is also true of each specific web product because the conditions for their promotion are always unique.

Hleb also gained the experience of creating and developing his own website, where the specialist, by trial and error, deduced the ideal SEO optimization formula. Finally, he came to the conclusion that it is important to strike a balance between the recommendations of the search engines and what you do yourself.

Search terms can change every month. Analytics shows only 30% of requests and the rest may not even come in sight to the SEO specialist. That’s why it is impossible to create a universal algorithm that allows to bring any website to the top. Development and implementation of SEO strategy is a step-by-step process that requires knowledge of various software and a thorough audit.

According to Hleb, it is extremely important for SEO specialists to understand how the search system works and what people like. Today, a huge number of purchased links in the text won’t help it to compete with other articles. To show up on the first pages in the search results, the content should match the search intent or, in other words, the user's needs.

Modern search engines use more complex algorithms. For example, Yandex has implemented the neural network architecture Yet Another Transformer with Improvements, thanks to which the search engine has learned better to assess semantic relationship between user requests and the content.

Today, search engines are so advanced that they show personalized results based on user preferences. And this applies not only to Google and Yandex, but also to YouTube, marketplaces and app stores. It’s no longer possible to deceive the system. And only useful content will get to the top.

To make website optimization as effective as possible, the specialist needs to conduct an in-depth SEO audit, which includes over 300 different aspects. Among them are commercial and behavioral factors of website ranking, analysis of the structure and content of competitors' resources, mobile SEO, technical optimization, analysis of all types of content, its indexing and much more. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to work with a large amount of data and perform a lot of routine work. Among other things, the specialist has to weed out valuable information from hype and flackery.

New SEO algorithms are introduced every 3-6 months, and it becomes more difficult to cover everything. That is why ever more specialists are paying attention to comprehensive promotion instead of adjusting content to the rules of search engines. In our work, it is worth not following trends, but “filter” useless pieces of advice and promotion techniques from what is really needed.

For example, today there is a huge number of tips on how to promote a blockchain project. Some of them are just blatant hype. In reality, there is no such thing as “promoting a blockchain project”. The products of this industry are optimized according to the Google E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust) algorithm, which is very simple: to be successful in this industry, you need to promote qualitative content, backed up by reliable facts and expert opinion.

The following material about IQeon team is coming very soon! Check out our news on the website and in the official community on Facebook.



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