IQeon sums up the results of June, 2019

IQeon - results of June, 2019

IQeon sums up the results of June. What important came up last month, read below. 

Competition for the best player of the week

"Weekly Challenge" contest was held during last month on the platform. Every Thursday we chose a game, where users could get 5 IQN to their gaming account. Throughout June, there were the following games: "Sky Jump", "Droppy Tower", "Flippy Hero" and "BlackHole Rush".

The last game of June was "Bighead Run Run". The winner will be the player with the maximum points at the end of the week. The results will be published in our social networks on Friday.

Intellectual contest in social networks

"IQeon Quizcontest was held on the IQeon official page on Facebook and Instagram in June. For a month we have checked our followers’ knowledge in different spheres: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, game development and other. The winner of “IQeon Quiz” became a participant, who had answered the most questions quickly and correctly within the week. His intellectual achievements were rewarded by 20 IQN to his gaming account. 

“IQeon Quiz” goes on social networks VKontakte and Twitter. 

PvP gaming platform changes: 

We continue to work on the platform. Stay up to date with the main events in the life of the project - follow the news on the website and in the official Telegram-chat.



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