IQeon runs a contest with a prize pool of 1000 IQN! The start is tomorrow!

IQeon Quiz Giveaway

Friends, we’re glad to present a new intellectual game Quiz! On this joyful occasion, we decided to give out prizes to the most erudite users of IQeon Quiz Giveaway contest!

How to take part

From January 25 to February 15, participants need to fulfill a number of simple conditions:

       1. Take part in intellectual Quiz.

Players should answer 10 questions of different topics by choosing one of four answer options. The quiz contains questions on history, literature, exact sciences, technology, cinema, games, and crypto sphere. Participants have 50 seconds to answer each question.

       2. Answer correctly at least 5 out of 10 questions.

Those users who correctly answered at least 5 questions become participants of the contest. A user has several attempts to resolve the quiz..

       3. Leave your email address.

❗️ Participants can also increase their chances of winning - share your quiz results on social media and send a referral link to Quiz to your friends. The more friends you invite, the higher the chance to get a prize!

At the end of the competition, on February 17 at 13:00 UTC, we will hold a live stream on IQeon YouTube channel and select randomly 10 luckies who will receive 100 IQN prizes to their wallets.

Test your erudition! Join the game, answer Quiz questions and win!



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