IQeon presents the final version of White Paper!

IQeon - White Paper

IQeon team were updating the main document of the platform during several months. In particular, we improved the design of White Paper, introduced relevant statistics on the state of the mobile games market, added information about the team improving the gaming platform, updated project roadmap.

And now we are introducing the final version of White Paper.

So, section 1 presents an in-depth analysis of the mobile application industry and flaws of the intellectual games market. Having carefully examined them, we focused on resolving the main problems that arise in the gaming market. IQeon’s vision for overcoming is described in section 2. The next block of White Paper presents the benefits of the gaming platform for all of its participants: players, developers and holders of the digital asset.

Users can now get acquainted with the site for the matches and a suitable scenario for its use in section 4 of the document. Information about the mechanics of matches in which players can monetize their winnings is available in the sixth block of White Paper.

In sections 7-14, users can familiarize themselves with the project team and advisors, architecture of the platform, areas of IQN application and ecosystem development plan.

Following the core values ​​of the company, IQeon team is confidently moving towards its goals, developing edgy and high-quality gaming products.

Stay up to date with the life of the project – follow our news on the website and in the official Telegram chat.




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