IQeon pre-ICO has finished – be the first to see the results!

IQeon pre-ICO has finished – be the first to see the results!

Presale (Round 2) results:

IQeon round 2 finished

Amount of contributions and token transfers are available by links:

Dear Friends, the Additional Round of our preICO has successfully ended and we are grateful to everyone for your support, interest, and appreciation of our project! The IQeon platform opens up broad prospects for developers and gamers.

This Blockchain-based system is extremely beneficial for game developers as it provides the open API and SDK to facilitate the development process. Moreover, it’s an ideal spot for PvP bets either on the results of the games placed on the platform or any other game that could be connected to IQeon ecosystem.

Summarizing the results of the second round preICO, we would like to mention that we have raised an impressive amount of funds! Thank you for your active support and the engaging interest in our project. Together we create a future of gaming industry!

IQeon team is very happy to see the growth of our gaming community as well as our social networks followers! You did the right thing to believe in us and the potential of IQeon startup. We delivered upon your expectations and are on the way to make our gaming ecosystem even better!

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