IQeon launches intellectual contest – IQeon Marathon!

IQeon Marathon

Friends, we are launching intellectual contest IQeon Marathon with a prize fund of 900 IQN!

Every day, from April 6 to May 4, interesting logic questions, trickish mathematical problems and puzzles are waiting for participants of the intellectual race in the official IQeon communities.  We invite everyone to check their erudition!

How to participate:

1. Every day answer questions published in the communities

IQeon Marathon will be held in 4 stages, with each lasting for a week. The first stage of intellectual marathon will take place in Telegram, in the second stage participants will compete for a prize in Facebook and Vkontakte simultaneously, then intellectual race will move on in Instagram, and the final straight will be crossed by marathoners in Twitter.

Questions will be published in IQeon communities on a daily basis. Participants have 24 hours after publication to write an answer in comments. Thus, only the most active ones could participate in top award draw – 900 IQN!

2. Be subscribed to official IQeon communities

Subscribe to the official IQeon communities on Telegram, Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to follow up on new questions and not miss a single day of the marathon.

3. Register on platform and complete your profile

To participate in the draw, marathon runners must complete their personal profile on gaming platform. In particular, add links to your social networks in your account. Above all, this is necessary to thoroughly check the results of the marathon and determine the winners. We want to make sure that the account belongs to you and no one else.

You can complete the profile in the settings that become available after you hover over the username in the top panel on platform. In the window that appears, you can add a link to your page on a social network and click “Submit”.

Winners determination

Upon the contest completing, on May 5, we will sum up the results of IQeon Marathon and choose 50 winners!
Remember, that only the most resilient and active participants can become winners. So, here we mean marathoners who have passed at least one out of 7-day distances and correctly answered all questions of the stage.  

Those who stay with us during 7 marathon days, will receive 5 prize IQN to gaming account. Those, who go through the second and the third stages, will get even more – 10 и 20 IQN respectively. And the largest prize of 50 IQN will be caught by those who daily give the right answers during 28 days!

* In case the number of participants claiming victory is greater than the above mentioned, ten winners will be randomly selected in each category.

Get ready, marathon runners! Join IQeon communities, answer intellectual questions and win desired prizes!



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