Back in the game: IQeon launches a new monthly competition!

Monthly contest - IQeon

We continue to reward our users for their in-game achievements and present a new competition for the best player of the month!

Friends, IQeon announces a new exciting competition with nice prizes. Are you ready to challenge yourself to become the player of the month?

The conditions are simple: the deserved prize will go to the user who plays as many winning matches as possible in four weeks. In case two or more players win an equal number of battles, the gamer with the highest score per month will become the leader.

  • The winner gets 10 bonus IQN!
  • The prize for the second place according to the number of victories is 5 IQN!
  • The third-placed user will receive 3 bonus IQN to his gaming account!

We will publish the results of the competition with a leaderboard of the top players at the beginning of each month.

Get to the top of IQeon leaderboard! Become the strongest platform player and get a pleasant reward for your efforts every month!



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