IQeon keeps localizing the ecosystem into Chinese

Localization of IQeon platform - 2nd stage

IQeon keeps internationalizing its products. The blocks of official website, sections and the most important legal documents describing the terms of use and the platform privacy policy are available in Chinese. The localization of the ecosystem is underway.

At the moment, we’ve completed the translation of the official White Paper, where users can find information about the advantages of IQeon gaming platform, its architecture and legal aspects, as well as get acquainted with the project team and its plans for the future.

Moreover, Blog section on website is being localized. It publishes expert opinions on the digital asset market, tutorials on working with tokens and altcoins, security tips, answers to frequently asked questions from users and much more.

Thanks to the localization of these tools, the Chinese-speaking audience will get better acquainted with gaming platform, its goals and objectives,as well as gain access to useful and informative content about cryptocurrency and blockchain games industry.

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