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Vladislav Goloveshkin - IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Vladislav Goloveshkin, our Java developer!

About career

Vladislav's interest in programming started early – with a passion for computer games. In his words, many projects have such a deep message that they are more like art. This is partly why Vladislav wanted to realize his creative abilities in game development.

After studying at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, the specialist became interested in web development, putting the creation of gaming products on the back burner. Although, according to Vladislav, programming web applications is also, in a sense, creativity: building unique systems, developing an architecture, writing prototypes to test a hypothesis and finding the right solution require ingenuity and thinking outside the box.

80% of development is just work that requires specific knowledge and skills, but the remaining 20% ​​is unconventional actions, finding the particular solutions to a specific problem. It's like a constructor game, but more complex and serious one.

About Java

Vladislav has vast experience in automation of processes and algorithms in projects from various areas, as well as the creation of exclusive products for a closed customer club. The specialist joined IQeon team in the summer of 2020. Here he develops and maintains tools, integration features and program modules in Java.

Java is one of the highly-demanded languages, and it makes sense. It is about versatility, speed, simplicity, reliability and, at the same time, ample opportunities due to a huge number of Java technologies.

In addition, Java stack has a strong community that contributes to the development of the language – no matter what kind of questions, doubts or problems you have, you will definitely find their solution in Google. Java also has a rich API and many open source projects that can be developed not only by the creators, but also by the developers themselves, so popular technologies quickly get rid of any flaws and bugs and keep abreast of the times.

The strong position of the language is also confirmed by the fact that the overwhelming majority of large companies use Java. Many complex financial products, web applications, e-commerce projects, educational and trading platforms, and government resources are written in this language. Even Minecraft is written in Java! So, despite attempts to oust Java from the market, nothing threatens its relevance in the near future.

About self-development

In programming, Vladislav likes the lack of bounds for technical development. According to the expert, self-improvement requires a lot of effort and great motivation, but development allows you to approach problem-solving from different angles, which removes the routine from development and adds interest and love to work.

Also, a developer who is always open to new knowledge and has motivation for self-learning can be much more valuable for the company than an employee who is focused on the process only.

Development is an area that doesn’t stand still. That is why it goes side by side with the constant learning of something new. In my opinion, it is necessary to develop consistently. It is impossible, being a novice developer and not having mastered at least the base, to delve into the latest framework. You need to approach the development process meaningfully: find a source that suits you personally, absorb information that is relevant for an individual developer at the moment.

It's the same with trends: the market already has a stack of core technologies that is well-established and trusted. Of course, new features appear, but this doesn’t mean that you need to use them at a breakneck pace. You need to understand how the update works, make sure it is not shoddy and ready to use.

About soft skills

Among the soft skills, Vladislav especially emphasizes communication skills, creativity and flexibility, the ability to find compromises and work in a team.

Product development is a team effort. And here teamwork, the ability to listen, give feedback, negotiate, collaborate, share knowledge are important like nowhere else. Also, each developer has his own experience and ideas on solving problems, because everyone creates in their own way, so you need to quickly delve into the essence of colleagues' thoughts, as well as be able to explain your ideas in the most understandable words and be be in tune for effective and well-coordinated work.

Moreover, you must have the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions and find non-standard solutions. This is especially important for the development of absolutely any IT-product, which often faces adjustments.

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