IQeon is summing up the results of December!

IQeon – results of December 2021.

IQeon sums up the results of December. Read further to learn what has happened in the previous month.

The start of IQeon Intellectual Competition

The IQeon team announced the start of a new intellectual competition! Think, be active and get a deserved reward!

We continue to encourage those who, like us, care about intellectual development.

Every 2 days in the IQeon Telegram channel, users are waiting for a question to which one or more interesting answers must be left, thus demonstrating their ability to think.

The IQeon team selects the 10 most interesting answers for which tickets will be awarded.

Tickets are counted every two weeks and rewards are expected! The player with the most tickets gets 30 IQN, the second – 20 IQN, the third – 10 IQN.

Game month before the holidays

The week of Christmas holidays has already begun, the New Year is very soon, and we know that at such a time we want to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration. Therefore, in December at IQeon we are working hard on ambitious projects for the next year, and in our social networks we tell you more about the games that you can play on the platform.

Today you have the opportunity to feel like a horror hero in the Survival Shooter game, overcome all obstacles with the Dashy Cube, become the best in the arcade with the original approach Spin Breakout or score maximum points in a unique game with a special effect of the curved world Curvy Path. On our platform, everyone can find options according to his or her taste.

Stay up to date with the main events in the life of the project - follow the news on the website and in the official Telegram channel.



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