IQeon is summing up the results of 2021!

IQeon - results of 2021.

IQeon is summing up the results of 2021. We name the brightest events in IQeon during this period.

Since the beginning of the previous year, the world community has learned to cope with numerous difficulties. The coronavirus pandemic and other peculiarities of the time are now being overcome, due to cooperation and the search for non-standard solutions for growth and development.

IQeon is not an exception. As earlier, we worked to improve the platform.

Intensive work on many projects, exciting contests and inspiring collaborations - these are all IQeon trends of the outgoing year.

Let’s refresh how it was.

Development of the PvP platform

The platform itself has also been developed and improved throughout 2021.In particular, a lot of optimization work has been done:

  • the quality of transactions that provide input / output of the IQN asset was improved
  • user cabinet design and navigation of profile sections was changed to become more convenient and pleasant for our users,
  • SEO-optimization of the content on the resource was carried out, which allowed the site to rank better in the search results,
  • The loading speed of games has been increased and the gameplay screenshots of the products have been updated.
  • The IQeon team also paid attention to the work on security: now data storage in the system has become even more reliable.

We do not stop there and continue to work every day to optimize the platform, improve its multilingualism and design in order to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

Exciting contests

The year 2021 should also be noted as a time of exciting contests. Again and again we encouraged the most active, erudite and creative!

So, the “Player of the Month” competition has lasted for 10 months, in which gamers received the prize for the maximum number of victories in matches. For the entire time of the competition, 27 platform users got into the leaderboard of the best gamers and were awarded with bonus IQN. The total prize fund was 162 IQN!

The “Marathon of Games” competition was also exciting. To receive the prize in the contest with a fund of 900 IQN, participants had to compete daily in PvP matches during the 21 days of the marathon, indicated on the interactive IQeon map.

About 550 participants showed their talent in the gaming battle. Only the most active of them received the prize: those who kept the distance during at least one 7-day stage of the “Games Marathon”!

IQeon project and EXMO exchange extended their joint competition! In accordance with its terms, new verified users of the exchange received 75% cashback at the Taker rate and 100% at the Maker rate for all destinations available on EXMO during the week!

Five lucky IQN buyers, chosen at random, received $ 20 each for their personal crypto wallets in a competition from

Finally, our competition for intellectuals also deserves attention.

According to its terms, the participants had to be subscribed to our Telegram channel, answer the questions published there every 2 days, and collect tickets, credited both for activity and for creativity of the answers given. 3 participants with the most tickets collected in two weeks received 30, 20 and 10 IQN, respectively.

Our team tries to encourage users not only in large-scale contests. Thus, subscribers of our social networks can receive IQN for helping the community moderators.

In 2022, many new exciting activities, where everyone can compete for bonus IQN will also await the users!

Building and strengthening partnerships

In 2021, the IQeon project has significantly expanded its influence in the information space. We have joined our efforts with the teams of such dynamically developing resources as Bitcoin-Trading,, Liquidary. Due to new partnerships, thousands of people will be able to learn more about the PvP platform, its functionality, the benefits it brings to gamers, as well as the potential of blockchain technology.

Participation in international conferences

Constant self-development and the ability to adopt new useful experience are very important for us, so the IQeon team participated actively in international conferences dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the fintech industry in general, which, due to the coronavirus pandemic and for the convenience of all participants, were transferred to online format.

For example, from September 29 to October 2, 2021, a large-scale online event #Playful: A NFT & DeFi Summit was held, among the participants of which was the CMO of the IQeon project Hanna Lemiasheuskaya. Within the framework of the summit, topical issues of cryptoeconomics were discussed, participants listened to the presentations “Cryptocurrency and the IRS: facts that no one knew about taxes”, “What is the relationship between NFT artists and the environment”, “The state of cryptocurrency regulation”, “Surviving in the DeFi world: flash -credits and economic attacks ”, etc.

IQeon also did not miss the opportunity to take part in one of the largest gaming events of 2021, the Hyper Games Conference. As noted by Denys Havrylenko, Director of Information Security (CISO) of the IQeon project, who represented it at the event, such conferences help to gain a deeper understanding of market trends, exchange knowledge and opinions with international experts, expand the network of contacts, and also get a maximum of specialized insights.

IQN digital asset

For the currency of our gaming platform, the outgoing year 2021 has also been very fruitful. IQN has been added to the list of the portal for monitoring digital assets Livecoinwatch.

Livecoinwatch is an analytical online platform with 9657 coins and 314 exchanges. It contains graphs of changes in the value of currencies, information on capitalization, ratings of the popularity of coins and tokens, a list of exchanges - that is, everything that is needed for analysis before investing and trading. Thus, due to the listing, IQN holders received more convenient tools for monitoring a digital asset.

In addition, IQN has become available on one of the fastest growing digital asset exchange platforms - It can be exchanged in pairs with seven popular currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, as well as transferred directly to dollars, rubles and euros.

CoinMarketLeague, an aggregator site for popular crypto projects, where users can leave their reactions, also added the IQN gaming asset to its listing. On its page, users can find technical information about the IQN, follow course changes in real time and find out which exchanges and wallets support the crypto asset.

Summing up the results of the outgoing year, we are proud to declare that 2021 has become very productive and successful for our team. The challenges of the modern era have contributed to the further development of the product and its adaptation to market requirements.

We are grateful to the IQeon community and partner companies for the support, which is incredibly important to us. We are confident that 2022 will bring even more significant achievements. With your help, the IQeon ecosystem will become even stronger!

We congratulate everyone with the upcoming year 2022! We wish you health, great success and all the best in the coming year!



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