IQeon introduces AML and KYC standards into the platform


Friends, we are pleased to announce that with the support of Fractal, the German developer of customer identification solutions, we have successfully implemented Know Your Customer procedure in the gaming platform.

Earlier, IQeon team decided to introduce KYC/AML procedures as part of fraud combating. Enhancing platform security is possible by adding partial user identification. This procedure is an important step towards ensuring increased protection of participants data.

You can go through KYC verification procedure by clicking “Security” button under “My Account” tab in the player’s personal account. Later on, a popup window will display a description of the steps that must be fulfilled to confirm the identity on the platform. You can go through the identification procedure in Russian, English and Chinese languages.

We remind you that user privacy is our priority, therefore, for players, passing KYC is not a mandatory criterion for entering the platform. They need to go through a partial identification procedure if we receive a signal about a potentially illegal activity or activity with increased risks. For example, if a number of suspicious transactions are carried out from the account of one user. In this case, the player will receive a request to confirm that he has reached the age of legal capacity or is situated in a permitted jurisdiction.

The introduction of a new security tool will help protect user assets from dishonest manipulations and will contribute to the development of a reliable and known safe ecosystem.



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