DevOps engineer Anton Akhramovich: “The wider the expertise of a specialist, the better”

Anton Akhramovich – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Anton Akhramovich, DevOps engineer!

After graduating from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Anton worked as a radiotechnician in various companies: he was engaged in the assembly, configuration and operation of computer systems. And although he really liked this area, over time Anton became interested in automating software testing and administering web servers. Then he delved into the study of Linux operating system and the structures of various web applications. The expert also completed courses of the American company Cisco, gaining experience in working with protocols, standards, algorithms for operating network OS and equipment.

Anton joined IQeon team at the end of November. The main responsibilities of an engineer include setting up and supporting the project infrastructure, automating deployment, resolving problems that arise during the development process, and ensuring the stable operation of services.

To build a high-quality workflow, DevOps engineer needs to master some software tools. The main program for managing servers with web applications that Anton uses is Terminal, or the Linux command line. The engineer is proficient in the programming languages Python and Bash, actively uses the integrated development environment PyCharm and text editors Vim and Sublime.

The profession of DevOps engineer often involves not only supporting the project infrastructure. To describe my position in one sentence, I would say that DevOps is a developer, tester and manager rolled into one. Often I have to write scripts that automate routine work, and test what I’ve done so that I can later implement it in development. Also, at the initial stage of designing the product structure, it is important for the DevOps engineer to show his managerial skills, because the further development of the project and the ease of introducing new functionality depend on the chosen paradigm.

While working at IQeon, Anton managed to combine development and administration in one common process. So, programmers, testers and DevOps engineer work closely interrelated and constantly exchange information, which significantly reduces flaws during the product  transferring into the next stage. Moreover, the quality of development has significantly improved. But the specialist moves beyond.

Most of all, Anton likes professional development in his work: for him, building complex systems and operating them in real life is much more interesting than writing pure code. Moreover, for the high-quality implementation of a new product, specialist often has to study new technologies and tools. According to the expert, the IT sphere is in constant dynamics and is evolving every second, which requires great efforts and significant time input from programmers.

The IT field means an endless learning process. Progress is always on the go: almost every month there is an important update of software and operating system. Therefore, it is important for a modern DevOps engineer to improve his knowledge and look at the overall picture of the processes. The wider and deeper his expertise, the better. The main thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes and correct them, because this is the only way to learn something.


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