IQeon in Ethos airdrop program

IQeon in Ethos airdrop program

Partnership relationships are playing a great role in the development process of our project. One of our key partners in IQN gaming cryptocurrency distribution is Ethos whose wallet users get 1 IQN as a bonus for participating in the Ethos Community Airdrop Program.

According to the rules of this program, all pre-registered Ethos Universal Wallet users will automatically receive a number of cryptocurrency tokens including IQN. The 1st round of the program was successfully completed and IQeon team got a notification about our token further participation in the next round.

As you may know from our previous news, we’ve already sent 50 000 IQN from the bonus fund of the project for the participation in the program. However, it turned out that there were more participants than originally expected and we’ve decided to send an additional 10 275 IQN to ensure that everyone receives a small bonus.

Check the transaction on Etherscan

Ethos is a universal decentralized wallet for storing, sending, receiving, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Users can manage assets with one key, make simple, fast, and secure transactions, and get access to three wallets in one: trading, saving, and a wallet for daily purchases.

IQeon team actively works with existing partners and is looking for new ways of cooperation. Follow the news and join IQeon community!



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