IQeon ICO Starts in 10 Days!

IQeon ICO Starts in 10 Days!

IQeon, an innovative gaming ecosystem providing the opportunity for fair PvP games, runs the ICO in 10 days. Our startup is among the first to provide its users with easy ways to monetize in-game achievements as well as open API and SDK to facilitate the game development for companies and other startups partnering with us.

IQeon ICO starts on January 30 and lasts until March 13, 2018. The number of tokens issued for sale is 5.7M and the token exchange rate is 325 IQN for 1 ETH. The coins accepted for buying IQN are ETH, BTC, and LTC.

IQeon management team provides the flexible system of discounts during the ICO:

  • 1st Day of ICO, the discount is 30%. This is the best time for your contributions as it comes with the biggest discount.
  • 1st Week of ICO, the discount is 25%
  • 2nd Week of ICO, the discount is 20%
  • 3rd Week of ICO, the discount is 15%
  • 4th Week of ICO, the discount is 10%
  • 5th Week of ICO, the discount is 5%

IQeon team has already run two preICOs, moreover, one of them was run additionally. IQeon startup has raised the record-breaking sum of contributions during the first preICO and was closed ahead of time.

IQeon team is working hard for the success of IQeon decentralized gaming platform, we visit different conferences, network with potential partners and contributors. Our dev team does its best to provide the stability and secure solution for both: players and game developers. Many new functions are underway, keep in touch!



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