IQeon ICO Ended and It Turned Out to Be Very Successful

13 March 2018
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IQeon ICO Ended and It Turned Out to Be Very Successful

Dear friends, followers, partners, and investors, we are happy to announce that our ICO has been successfully completed and we are grateful to everyone for your support, interest, and appreciation of our project! IQeon is the ecosystem connecting games, apps and services based on intellectual competitions between players.

The total funds raised during the ICO is 1,055 ETH, 111 LTC and 8,5 BTC, that’s quite a substantial sum of money if we exchange it into USD. The number of active users has reached 1 million. The IQeon project was rated at 10 well-known tracking platforms, and IQN token will be listed on 4 major cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team has introduced the project at numerous international conferences, covering the topics of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and a game-development industry. Four game and application developing companies have integrated their products into the IQeon platform and we launched a beta-version of the game IQClash. We have achieved such results only in 3 months! IQeon managed to do so thanks to our strong community, which includes more than 35.000 subscribers on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The IQeon team is very grateful to have such a big audience of supporters in the gaming industry and to see an increasing number of subscribers in social networks. Stay tuned for more news from IQeon!



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