IQeon holds the bar: ICOmarks gave the startup a high rating

IQeon holds the bar: ICOmarks gave the startup a high rating

Dear friends, investors and followers! Independent and trusted tracking resources continue evaluating our project. Recently the IQeon startup was comprehensively reviewed by the specialists of the independent platform ICOmarks, engaged in the analysis and research of ICO. IQeon platform was apprised by 4 criteria:

  • ICO Profile
  • Product Potential
  • Business strategy
  • Team and Advisors

IQeon was rated at 8.5 points out of 10 basing on the results of a thorough study. This is a very high score, and we are very happy about that. All marks, including those obtained from other independent resources, indicate a high potential of IQeon. We know for sure that we are on the right path and the efforts our team makes to improve the decentralized gaming PvP-platform bring excellent result.

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