IQeon gaming platform architecture: outward glance

IQeon gaming platform architecture: outward glance

Dear friends, you all know what functionality is provided by IQeon gaming ecosystem and what are the benefits for gamers and game development companies. This read is directed at highlighting the development side of the platform. What are the parts of the system and what makes them work together to achieve great results and offer you the best service of its class?

Open API

As it was mentioned many times, IQeon platform provides to game developers the open API. This facilitates the connection between IQeon and any other platform. Developers may get API keys through their personal accounts, register a new app on the platform, view the remuneration statistics and exchange IQN for other cryptocurrencies available. Any games or services could be integrated into IQeon platform via the open API. Such games will be automatically connected to the IQN cryptocurrency and exposed to all the benefits bringing by IQeon gaming ecosystem.

Nowadays, the most popular game hosted by IQeon platform is IQClash. Its open API is also provided for the intelligence game developers and significantly facilitates the creation of other apps based on the game rooms scenario.

Open SDK

IQeon platform also provides its open SDK. This is a set of means to facilitate the installation of new games and apps based on the existing scenarios.


Players connect the applications to their personal accounts. This allows them to make purchases on the platform, transfer money, and exchange IQN for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money. This option is available due to the Ethereum wallet. IQeon tokens match the ERC20 standard and could be easily transferred from one address to another. This standard also provides the technical compliance of IQeon token with crypto Exchanges and various online exchange services.

Another useful feature if the provision of IQeon wallet which works on Android and iOS and allows the platform users to exchange IQN for fiat money.

If you have any questions concerning the possible cooperation with our platform and hosting your games, apps, and services on it, please, send us a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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