IQeon empowering experience with Delta Direct

IQeon empowering experience with Delta Direct

IQeon has amazing news for all our followers and supporters. Those, who have been watching our progress closely, already know that some time ago we applied for IQN, our cryptocurrency, being added to Delta Direct. Now, we are excited to let you know that our application has been approved and IQeon got connected with Delta Direct service.

Delta Direct is the first choice in keeping abreast with the quick pace of cryptomarket development. By adding cryptocurrencies to your personalized profile you can easily track them. The service also works with around 200 exchanges to notify you about any movements happening on the market.

Expanding our possibilities with Delta is a great opportunity for us to grow and spread IQeon ideas around the world. To be the first one in bringing the IQeon news, Delta integrates our RSS feed and gives a way to post direct news via Twitter.

Keep in touch either through our website news feed or via Delta app you could download with one click. And don’t forget to follow IQeon social media to get the most interested news first!



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