IQeon draws 500 IQN in IQeon Christmas Giveaway! Hurry up to participate!

IQeon Christmas Giveaway

From December 25 to January 15, together with portal, IQeon team will draw 500 IQN within IQeon Christmas Giveaway!

How to participate?

The rules are very simple: participants must complete certain tasks within the period of three weeks in order to win. For example, register on the gaming platform, subscribe to IQeon communities on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, join Crypto Gamers community on Telegram. Participants can get an additional bonus if they play whichever two games every day and share their achievements on social media, or if they make a one-time deposit of at least 5 IQN on the platform.

Participants who meet the majority of conditions will be awarded with the IQN digital asset. Tasks can be fulfilled at any time convenient for them.

At the end of IQeon Christmas Giveaway, on January 17, the team will randomly select 5 winners who will receive 100 IQN to their Ethereum wallets. Participate and win precious IQN!


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