IQeon Development Update

IQeon Development Update

Dear friends and IQeon users! Our project team continues to work on new developments and updates for the upcoming platform release and we are ready to share with you the latest features of IQeon website, platform, and wallet.

Website and User Account

Updated website was successfully launched. Users can access the information about exchanges, trackers, and wallets where you can find IQN gaming cryptocurrency. A separate “Partners” page was created where you can learn details on our cooperation with the global leaders of digital innovations.

The User Account section was redesigned and will be available for registered IQeon platform users shortly. New Personal Account Page allows you to track your transactions, add new wallets, delete the old ones and finally - personalize your profile.

IQeon Platform

Our developers have finished the architecture and business-logic design of the platform. Moreover, the API for connection of Front-end and Back-end was fully developed and launched. User Account page design was implemented as well.

The interfaces that we’ve introduced earlier in Transparency report are currently at the final testing stage. The same goes for the IQN Deposit & Withdrawal subsystem. We didn’t leave app developers behind. Game Owners section will be soon introduced in accordance with the approved business-logic and design.

IQeon Wallet

In accordance to IQeon Roadmap - we soon will be introducing the IQeon Wallet. This brand new application already includes the following features:

  • full support of IQN token
  • create and manage multiple Ethereum wallets
  • import of existing wallets
  • manage transactions and receive real-time reports

New wallet features are currently at the testing phase, we’re improving the UI/UX to reach native feel and look of the wallet.

Future plans

The next step is Beta testing phase for users and app developers to try out all the features we have been working so hard on. IQeon team is currently working on creating an easy-to-use infrastructure to start the testing. We are thankful to everyone who has filled out the form for Beta access on our website. We will soon contact everyone willing to participate in the testing.

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