IQeon CTO presented the project on Crypto Games Conference in Minsk

IQeon CTO presented the project on Crypto Games Conference in Minsk

On October 17th in Minsk (Belarus) a two-day Crypto Games Conference dedicated to the integration of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the gaming projects development was held. IQeon project was presented by the company’s Chief technical officer Pavel Kazimirenko.

During the speech, Pavel has spoken about the development of the gaming market and mobile application sector, paid attention to the bright sides of the blockchain technology and gaming projects interaction. Pavel described in details the IQeon project, announced the nearest launch of the gaming platform beta-testing. and described solutions of major problems that gaming market tackles. All these issues are solved by IQeon:

  • frauds and the falsification of competition results;
  • reward payment delays for players;
  • loss of personal information;
  • lack of opportunities for gamers to monetize their in-gaming achievements.

Next time the project will be presented on Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles (USA) from 22 to 24 October 2018. Subscribe to the news in social networks and follow IQeon development!



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