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Lyudmila Vezhnovets - IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Lyudmila Vezhnovets, contextual advertising specialist!

After graduating from the Belarusian State Academy of Communications with a degree in Marketing, Lyudmila discovered a new direction – contextual advertising. And she has been involved in it for about 8 years!

Lyudmila opened the way into web marketing on her own, studying various kinds of training materials, attending seminars and participating in educational projects from Yandex and Google companies. During the very first year when the specialist began to engage in online advertising, she received all the certificates in the chosen direction and since then has been annually confirming them.

Lyudmila has launched over 500 advertising campaigns for projects of different focus areas: financial, automobile, industrial and many others. About a year ago, the specialist got into the direction of gaming, in particular, the promotion of gaming applications. So Lyudmila came to IQeon project.

Here she is engaged in the purchase and generation of all types of traffic, launch, analytics, optimization and scaling of advertising campaigns. In addition, Lyudmila is researching the target audience of the project and looking for new sources of traffic. And in order for contextual campaigns to be as effective as possible and show the highest ROI, the expert is carrying out pre-tests of various kinds of hypotheses.

Testing strategies that you have built on the basis of numbers is an extremely important point in the profession of a PPC specialist. It is crucial to understand that an ad test doesn’t always work on the first try. A specialist has a large set of tools, and it is important to be able to combine them and use in different proportions, depending on the specifics of the project and its business goals.

In her work, Lyudmila uses various services to collect semantics and automate the process of creating advertising campaigns, Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika tools. According to the specialist, Google products are much more functional and flexible for working with ad settings – they help to analyze the effectiveness of advertising costs, and then adjust the campaign according to the results.

Lyudmila emphasizes that contextual advertising is very painstaking and routine work, however, despite this, the expert always finds something that gives her real pleasure.

I like the dynamics and buoyancy of this sphere, and even more than that – to see the real benefits from my work. When there is a positive result, it motivates to reach new heights. I’m inspired by challenging situations, which force to leave the comfort zone and gain new experience.

In addition, you should always analyze your projects – a good PPC specialist cannot achieve top results without going deep into analytics.

As Lyudmila notes, the promotion of a blockchain project imposes certain features on the work of a specialist. So, any advertising related to blockchain and digital assets is strongly controlled by platform algorithms and is prohibited by many services.

Advertising of blockchain projects is a “survival” level of marketing. For example, if in the field of SEO it is enough to prepare high-quality content and it will give a good boost in traffic, then to launch a contextual campaign you have to look for various options, methods and ways to make it really effective. It is very important to elaborately select the region and sources for promotion, as well as look at the project from the perspective of potential users.

After launching several advertising campaigns, it may seem that the most blockchain-interested countries are India, Russia and Ukraine. And the main audience consists mainly of men aged 25 to 34 years. However, this doesn’t mean that one should rely only on this data. Effective contextual advertising is the result of long-term experimenting.

The most important thing for Lyudmila is constant development. Various webinars and seminars, where experts share their experience, work cases, tools used and other useful information are of great help for the specialist.

The specialty of a contextual advertising specialist allows you to delve into daily development, which is its huge plus of the profession. The most important thing is to clearly see your goal, the desired KPI, remain hyper-attentive and responsible, and, of course, not be lazy at learning something new.

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