IQeon actively makes partners with app development companies

IQeon actively makes partners with app development companies

Our decentralized PvP gaming ecosystem is serving the needs of both common gamers and app development companies. The players are provided with easy ways to monetize their gaming achievements while app and game development companies receive the possibility to develop and deploy their games on our platform in a very short period of time. IQeon provides its open SDK. Moreover, the conditions of getting commissions from the game are also much more favorable than the ones offered by Google Play or App Store.

Our new partners are the two app development companies and Kakadu is a European-Based mobile app developer promoting 4 main apps right now: Lady Bel, Bettor, ZooIQ and Booncity. Bettor is a social network app based on placing bets online and challenging each other. The total amount of downloads for these apps is around 150K. Indiegame is the platform for independent game developers promoting games that go absolutely viral since the indie gaming segment is aggressively growing.

We are happy to get their support as they are eager to place the apps and games they developed on IQeon platform. We are inviting other developers for cooperation as well!

Please, send us your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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