IQClash lite app based on IQeon platform is available in Google Play & APP Store

IQClash lite app based on IQeon platform is available in Google Play & APP Store

IQeon poses itself as the unique Blockchain-based gaming platform offering its functionality to various game development companies. IQClash is one of the first fully-functioning games hosted by our platform. IQClash is a brain-stretching app offering various ways to challenge your memory and cognitive abilities. The game is now available on Google Play and APP Store.

How to register an IQClash Account and start earning on your IQ?

1. Register a Personal Account on

2. Create an ETH wallet inside Rinkeby testing network and connect it to your Account. You get 1000 IQNDEMO, demo tokens, as soon as the registration is completed.

3. Install IQClash Lite app and register there.

4. Connect IQClash Lite app installed on your phone with your personal account on IQeon gaming platform.

5. Transfer IQNDEMO tokens from the Personal Account on IQeon platform to the game Account.

6. Use the tokens in the game and generate more.

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