IQClash hosted by IQeon gaming platform is the best brain stretcher

IQClash hosted by IQeon gaming platform is the best brain stretcher

Dear friends, followers, and gamers, you know that one of the most prominent and the first fully-functioning game based on IQeon platform is IQClash Lite.

IQClash provides sets of private rooms based on the standard mode or created by other users where players compete with each other by solving intelligence riddles and quizzes. The total time given to go through all tasks is 10 minutes. If you manage to squeeze into this time frame, you compete with other participants for the 1st place. The winnings could be either points, featuring little brains, or IQN, the internal currency of the platform.

To get IQN you have to register your personal account on and connect it with your IQClash App account. The tokens earned in one game could be used in other games. IQN tokens earned could be sent to your cryptowallet and then either exchanged to other coins or fiat money.

Install IQClash on your devices, develop your intelligence, enjoy mind-boggling quizzes, and start earning on your IQ right away! You can download IQClash on Google Play и APP Store.



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