Yuriy Lipinsky, IQeon’s lead web developer: “I'm proud to be part of this team”

Yuriy Lipinsky – IQeon

We are launching the series of interviews about people who work on the IQeon platform.  

We are pleased to introduce our teampeople who develop and improve IQeon platform. Meet Yuriy Lipinsky, IQeon’s lead web developer!

Yuriy studied programming at the School of Business of Belarusian State University. His background is a considerable number of sites and online stores. He also has a wide-ranging experience in the analysis, data processing and full-stack development. 

Yuriy Lipinsky joined IQeon team as a front-end developer in the beginning of 2019. As for today, he is a full-stack developer. Yuriy supports the platform, fixes errors and adds new features interesting to players. 

The development of leaderboard on the platform was the most interesting task for me, because it combined front-end and back-end parts. The front-end was realised through the WebSockets and the back-end using PHP. Generally, web development approaches keep changing all the time. There was a time, when front-end and back-end programming weren’t particularly divided. Then the responsibilities for working with the server and the client part began to segregate. And now, redistribution is taking place again. As a result, building of server-side logic gradually falls to the front-end developer, told Yuriy Lipinsky.

Any programmer have to be hunger for knowledge, strive to learn and implement new tools at work. That is the only way to keep a professional in your field. Yuriy Lipinsky doesn’t stop on already studied frameworks, such as AngularJS, ReactJS and other ones. He seeks to explore deeper into PHP and JavaScript ecosystems, in order to implement the new tools in his work. 

The platform has moved to the open beta-test stage on the 26 of March 2019. It is a source of considerable pride for Yuriy, because a technical stability of IQeon.com launching was up to him. 

I really remembered the phrase from the Tony Hsieh’s book. It is a story of creation the “Zappos” company, which “Amazon” has bought afterwards. The company’s products should raise the “wow effect” for its staff, and thanks to that, significantly greater results  can be achieved in business. IQeon is just a case in point. The idea of the platform allows to develop it in opposite directions and using a digital asset as in-game currency gets possibility to create quiet real values out of virtual items. In addition, our platform is a good chance for developers to find an audience for their gaming products. IQeon architecture has already allowed to integrate into the platform a large number of games. So, the platform has great prospects! I'm proud of being a part of this team, emphasized Yuriy.



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