Web Designer Tatsiana Bova: “Distinctive design is an essential marketing part of any company”

Tatsiana Bova – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Tatsiana Bova, our Web Designer!

Tatsiana is involved in web design for more than four years. There are many e-commerce projects in her portfolio. At IQeon, Tatsiana develops visual content for the corporate site and IQeon communities, and also creates design for other company web projects. By the way, Tatsiana tried her hand in designing content for game projects at the company.

Today, effective web design, according to Tatsiana, is important for the company’s marketing more than ever. Unique images placed on the site are a powerful factor in promoting web resources. For example, visual content affects the ranking of a site in search results.

Distinctive design is an integral part of marketing in any company. It is often necessary to convey information to the user quickly and accurately. According to various sources, 80–90% of information a person receives through vision, because our brain processes visual information much faster comparing with textual. The visual content subtly affects consumer’s mind with the help of color, shape, texture, it causes certain emotions and associations, which can increase loyalty to the product at a subconscious level.

Tatsiana believes that for Web Designer it’s necessary not only to master the package of professional software programmes, know typography and color theory, but also to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS programming languages.

Unlike graphic, web design is limited by the structure of the web interface, that HTML and CSS help to understand. It is important for designer to know how to position elements in order to change their size and set typographic rules. It’s necessary to develop in this direction all the time, because programming languages ​​are constantly improving. Knowing the basic principles of HTML helps you create a realistic, and what’s more important, implementable design.”

Most of all, in her job Tatsiana likes the creative approach and the demand for the profession in the whole world. In addition, design requires constant development of one's own skills. It is important for a specialist to take into account current trends and interests of the target audience.

The trend that will stay on top for more than one year is Mobile First. The number of users of mobile devices is growing, and many companies begin development with a mobile version of the site, and then adapt it to the desktop. Also asymmetric designs and bright luminescent colors, 3D typography and giant fonts are extremely popular. In addition, simple clean design solutions and minimalism, for example, White space, continue to be edgy. If you take into account all these trends, you will be able to create the design of the product which will be as convenient and attractive as possible.

The next material about the IQeon team is coming soon! Follow the news on our platform and in the official communities of the project.



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