Vladislav Kurilo, SEO Manager: “IQeon is on a wave of blockchain games development now”

Vladislav Kurilo – IQeon

We continue to introduce you the people who develop and improve IQeon. We are pleased to present you Vladislav Kurilo, SEO Manager at IQeon!

Prior to joining IQeon Vladislav worked as a web project manager. Then he went into internet marketing. There are a lot of successful cases in his portfolio. For example, he could increase the traffic of a big online store in B2B segment by 60%. That led to an increase in sales volume.  

Vladislav joined IQeon as a SEO Manager at the beginning of 2019. At the moment he is also developing in the direction of ASO. He promotes mobile products in stores. 

Yandex and Google search algorithms have significantly improved and continue to evolve due to machine learning technology. They “learn” to understand people better, suggest possible search requests and predict users’ wishes. Today a SEO Manager have to learn how to play this three player game: mediate between system algorithms, target audience’s requests and adapt to the needs of the company, Vladislav Kurilo tells.

To promote a resource, SEO Manager has to take into account internet marketing trends, like “mobile first”,  and technical specifications of the websites (usability, user-friendly design, intuitive interface, optimization of the loading speed and many other things). SEO in this respect is like a wall of various bricks, which form a sturdy construction only together.

When I came to the company, I faced with challenges for myself as a specialist. The platform IQeon.com is a single-page application on JavaScript. It is a quite progressive decision that allows you to download web pages instantly. However, search engines are still poorly understand JavaScript, what creates difficulties when index such websites. There is one option, how to resolve this dilemma – to use dynamic page rendering. In this case, the website will be displayed as html-file for the search engines and in its original form for users, says SEO Manager. 

Professional challenges and possibility to get new experience – this is what attracts Vladislav at IQeon company the most. The variety of company products allows to try yourself in many directions. For example ASO. According to Vladislav, mobile applications stores and search engines share similarities, that’s why decisions to promote them have a lot in common. 

Earlier, it was enough for developers to release a good product that would be interesting for users, and it got successful. But now, the situation has changed. No one will know about a genius product without a clear promotion strategy, considers Vladislav. 

It is needed to develop the SEO strategy simultaneously with the start of the product development or before that. It will help to understand how much such a project is needed and allows you to think in advance about the ways of its promotion.  

Browser games market stagnates. While blockchain games sphere is still in its initial stage. And it’s great that IQeon step its game up, underlines Vladislav. 


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