Valentin Homchenko, QA Engineer: “Test engineers must be engaged at an early stage of development”

Valentin Homchenko – IQeon

We continue to introduce you to the people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are pleased to present you Valentin Homchenko, QA Engineer at IQeon!

Valentin joined the company in 2017, when a gaming platform was still being developed. He initially dealt with supporting IQeon communities. He works as a software test engineer and in charge of quality assurance of the company’s web-sites and platform’s games since 2019. 

A disguised desire to crash the system and click where no one does, to find what no one can see, makes test engineers different. A QA engineer undertake various combinations of actions, repeating again and again with different devices, to carefully check a program and find as many bugs as possible, told Valentin.

According to the QA engineer, it is more complicated to test game products, as compared with websites. Web-projects usually have similar errors, and a test engineer can always access documentation and explore detailed description of the products functionality. There is a different situation in games. Errors can occur due to conflicts in code, and a correction leads to other errors. And sometimes it is impossible to predict that something goes wrong. 

Testing each game has its own specificities. In browser games, specialists give much attention to the browsers work and note how tabs are loaded and scrolled, what screen resolution is used, how games are working with different extensions for a browser and so on. There are many factors that have an impact on product functionality. In mobile games, a test engineer looks for errors directly in a game, checks functionality and responses of a program to users’ actions. 

There are two global trends that have impacts on development of gaming sphere. These are cross-platform and easier access to games. But the possibility to play one game at different platforms is good in theory. In practice, it leads to many errors, in particular, because of unstable internet connectivity. This problem is even noted for Google Stadia, told Valentin. 

In the test engineer’s opinion, quality assurance of the product has to proceed in parallel with development or before this - at the documentation stage.

Test engineers must be engaged at an early stage of development. It allows to check the product logic in advance, carefully think users’ engagement experience through. Of course, it can’t completely rid you of errors. Bugs always happen. But it could significantly reduce the number of errors, concluded Valentin. 


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