Tatsiana Shalypina, Project Manager: “Game development companies stand out for an accelerated pace of work”

Tatsiana Shalypina – IQeon

We continue to introduce you the people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are pleased to present you Tatsiana Shalypina, Project Manager at IQeon!

Tatsiana Shalypina has two university degrees: in jurisprudence and economics as well as in accounting. She began her career at the National Cadastral Agency of Belarus, where participated in the development of a system dealing with electronic accounting of state property as a project manager and business analyst. Tatsiana was absolutely fascinated by management and subsequently she began to choose ever-complex projects, each time delving into a new domain area.

Tatsiana’s portfolio includes one of the modules of Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, micro- and P2P-lending systems, cryptocurrency exchange and other projects. She also managed the development of the anti-mining system KYC (Know Your Customer), which helps to make crypto service more reliable.

One of the key tasks that developers around the world are striving to solve is to ensure complete security of user data. In this regard, blockchain is a great solution, said Tatsiana Shalypina.

Tatsiana joined IQeon team as a project manager in the middle of 2018 year. 

She organizes the workflow, controls the release of various products of the company, establishes communication between team members.

According to Tatsiana, being savvy in ​​related areas, such as business analysis and system-oriented analysis will be an absolute advantage for the project manager. It helps the specialist better understand the reasonability of introducing a particular function into the product and allows to get out the task to the team in a more correct way.

The company which deals with game development is characterized by an accelerated pace of work. In the case of the gaming platform, the product is developed jointly with users. We create a new feature set, then we test it on real players, get feedback from them and adjust the work depending on the wishes of our audience. Moreover, the faster we get the response from users, the better it is for the product. For this reason, we at IQeon prefer more flexible methodologies and work according to the principles of Agile, Tatsiana said.

The team work is based on 2-3-week sprints. The project manager sets short-term goals for developers and adjusts the processes depending on the intermediate results. According to Tatsiana, Agile is much more applicable in game development than, for example, the Waterfall methodology, which is more suitable for creating fundamental systems.

We work in multitasking environment and try to ensure that all processes are carried out alongside, professionally and quickly. In such situation, it is very important to motivate the team properly. The mood in the team and the final result depend on how people make up their minds and how much they believe in overall success, Tatyana emphasizes. 


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