CFO Vitali Bibik: “Multitasking is a middle name of financial officer”

Vitali Bibik – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Vitali Bibik, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)!

Vitali has extensive marketing experience. He gained managerial skills while working on an executive position at the largest Belarusian dealer of building and finishing materials. During the work, he was involved in the preparation of a business plan for the company, distribution and control of a financial flow, while constantly studying new areas. Vitali is sure that such an all-round development helps to improve himself as an individual and a professional and successfully solve all the tasks.

Vitali joined IQeon in 2017, when the ideas of the gaming platform were just emerging. At the company CFO is involved in the formation and strategic planning of financial policies, ensurance of economic security of the project and efficient use of company resources, and controls the financial flows of the business.

As my practice shows, operational decision making plays a very important role in improving the quality of the business. It’s important not only to find an ultimate solution for the current situation, but also to quickly conduct in-depth analysis in order to lay the groundwork for the future.

According to Vitali, blockchain direction of the gaming platform imposes certain features on the work of the financial director, because the market for games that use distributed registry technology is quite specific. At the same time, mobile gaming industry is developing very actively, therefore CFO must constantly monitor trends and innovations in its niche in order to stay one step ahead.

A business in the field of blockchain projects, in my opinion, is just starting to develop, but not all startups understand how to establish effective work in this area. A vivid proof lies in the fact that more than 1000 projects were closed within a year after ICO.

The environment of blockchain projects is constantly transforming. To remain effective in the current circumstances, it is necessary to be a true strategist who helps realize the potential of the company and can lead it to long-term success.

Vitali often presents IQeon project at international conferences, where representatives of the blockchain industry get acquainted with each other and negotiate further cooperation. The presence of a financial director at such meetings allows to immediately build streamlined work schemes in terms of jurisdiction and financial deals.

For a CFO, working in a multitasking mode is very important. In a way, multitasking is a middle name for a financial director. In order to competently and clearly do work, an expert, in addition to high competence in the financial, economic and accounting fields, often should have basic knowledge in the legal, managerial and psychological areas. It is very important to be purposeful, to have flexible thinking and good intuition.

Despite the fact that the technology of distributed registry appeared relatively recently, the expert is optimistic about its further development.

In my opinion, in the coming years, blockchain will continue to develop and increase its technological effectiveness and popularity among ordinary users. IQeon team, for its part, will continue to respond promptly to all market changes and remain flexible in deciding on the further development of the project.

The following material about IQeon team is coming very soon! Check out our news on the platform and in official community on Facebook.



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