Product Manager Dzmitry Spichonak: “PM is a powerful combination of users, technology and business”

Dzmitry Spichonak – IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Dzmitry Spichonak, Product Manager!

Dzmitry started to develop his IT career while he was just a schoolboy. Having received additional education in webmastering, he continued to make progress in a popular direction. After graduating from university, Dzmitry occupied different positions with a wide range of responsibilities from development and design to advertising and promotion. Over time, the specialist delved into the project management, took many courses in business analytics, marketing, economics and finance, worked in a gamedev studio, robotics company and the one specialized in cloud services. After all, the choice of expert fell on the creation and development of IT products and services – product management.

At IQeon, Dzmitry is responsible for the creation of products, their continuous improvement and development. Moreover, by analyzing existing pilot products, he suggests new features for implementation and helps to set out the priority of tasks.

To create a top product you need to conduct thorough research of markets, competitors and the user needs. It becomes the basis for the prototype of the future product. It is critically important not to consider yourself a user and not to design a product under the motto “I prefer it that way”. This is the mistake of many novice product managers.

All you need is to find an answer to simple questions: why and for whom the product is being created? All user requests should be treated carefully and passed through the perspective of customer development* and behavioral engineering** – these are the best practices of interaction with the end-user.

The expert prefers a sound balance between development methodologies – the classic Waterfall approach, where the performer adheres to the plan, and flexible Agile, which implies the possibility of making changes at every stage of the project. According to Dzmitry, while developing a potentially successful product, you have to combine several methods or choose only one depending on the business objectives, workload, terms and budget.

According to Dzmitry, the product manager is a kind of bridge between users and developers. When interacting with the team, it is important to convey business goals correctly and, of course, hold by what professionals say.

When a person understands what he is doing and for whom, it gives him an incentive to come up with interesting ideas, look for more ingenious solutions and allows to feel his involvement in the development of a particular product. That's what teamwork is about. It happens that the process of discussing ideas turns into a controversy. And a good manager should be able to show empathy and work with conflicts, making them profitable for the company and streamlining a constructive discussion.

Dzmitry compares his work with a strategic chess game: an expert needs to be able to predict development several steps ahead and calculate all possible scenarios just as in the popular board game. To do this, a product manager needs to understand the development process, have a general idea of ​​the technology stack and product architecture even if he doesn’t have a technical background.

Most of all, Dzmitry loves analytical tasks: searching for new markets, user groups and their needs, new points of product growth.

Product management is a powerful combination of user needs, technology and business, and for me, it's also a kind of mindset. A working product that meets all its purposes is not a final victory. The genuine breakthrough lies in grateful feedback from users and understanding that the project is really useful and solves the real-life challenges.

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*Customer development is an approach to product development based on the fact that the most important asset of the company is customers and relationships with them.

**Behavioral engineering is the applied science of psychology that serves to develop practical solutions to human problems, requiring an understanding of human motivation to create innovative products.



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