PHP programmer Yury Bohush: “Developer’s task is to lay the foundation for a successful product”

Yury Bohush – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Yury Bohush, PHP programmer!

Yury dreamed of becoming a programmer at school and after graduation he entered the Belarusian State Technological University at the faculty of Information Systems and Technologies. Combining studies and freelance work, he boosted his background. Yury was involved in developing CRM systems for optimizing business, financial instruments, social online platforms, marketplaces and much more.

Yury joined IQeon team in early 2020 as a full-stack developer. Today he is engaged in the creation and support of various services and web applications. On top of that, he is responsible for integrating the product into external services and creating application programming interfaces.

To solve most of the tasks, the specialist uses PHP language that today can be considered as one of the most popular programming languages. Among the advantages of PHP, Yury notes its flexibility and versatility. The developer also codes in JavaScript language, which is a frequently used and multifunctional language.

In his work, Yury most of all likes the opportunity to make decisions independently, for example, in choosing a stack of technologies and frameworks for product development. At the same time, the programmer is constantly developing his skills by participating in specialized conferences, studying thematic literature and, of course, following the trends in the market.

The field of programming is changing at a lightning speed. Now the development of chat bots, single-page and progressive web applications are in trend. Given that the boom of traditional applications has passed, and the percentage of those who uninstall applications is growing steadily, the main task of PHP programmer is to adapt to the trends and lay a solid foundation at the stage of formation of a potentially promising product.

Yury also believes that if a PHP programmer wants to achieve career heights, it is extremely important not only to develop comprehensive knowledge, but also to boost soft skills. The ability to switch to another task in time, attention to details, and perseverance are extremely important while developing an effective application or site.

In my work I often use Pareto principle, which states that only 20% of our efforts provide 80% of the result and, therefore, only 20% of the result gives 80% of the effort. One way or another, the idea that the team is pursuing must be implemented steadily, therefore, if one task defies a solution, I take on another that gives a quick result, and later return to the unfulfilled one.

According to Yury, the programmer can improve his skills only through complex product tasks. The developer always needs to be prepared to learn new aspects, frameworks and patterns.

No matter how trivial it may sound, but a PHP programmer needs to learn how to read the documentation correctly – this will help solve most of the issues. I would also advise novice PHP developers to visit thematic meetups and in no case ignore tutorials and specialized Internet resources. But the most important thing is to improve practical skills, not to be afraid to ask even the most stupid questions to experienced developers and to accept any programming challenges!

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