Mobile app developer Vadim Hadyka: “Only functional and simple applications make the top”

Vadim Khadyka - IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Vadim Khadyka, a mobile application developer!

After having graduated from the Institute of information technologies of BSUIR, Vadim began to develop desktop applications based on the .Net Framework and improve his skills in C# programming.

As time passed, the market changed, and mobile applications have come to the forefront. Then Vadim delved into the cross-platform development of mobile apps on the Xamarin and React Native frameworks and went deeper into the study of Swift to create applications for iOS. 

Vadim has an extensive experience in working in an international team. His portfolio includes projects from various fields: from car industry to education and health. In addition, Vadim managed to work on a corporate bank product for internal use in his native country.

At IQeon, Vadim is developing mobile applications, including IQeon Wallet and intellectual game, which will be rolled out soon.

We use our smartphones all the time, so I believe it makes sense to develop mobile app for any product which will always be at hand. In order to enter the top, it must be functional and easy to use. Users like this  kind of application.”

According to Vadim, a mobile developer has to take care of the app performance, storage volume it occupies, and power consumption.So there is a need to think through every single detail.

A mobile app developer often has to combine several professions: business analyst, project manager, developer, and even designer. It is also necessary to conduct a sanity testing to find critical errors in order to identify and eliminate obvious problems at the initial stage.

Above all, it’s important to see the application with users’ eyes and constantly monitor how convenient and easy it is to use this or that function. The modern user has become more exacting on the design and functionality of applications, so the developer needs to constantly upgrade his skills, keep abreast of new products, replenish wealth of knowledge. The ongoing learning process keeps the brain up.”

Most of all, Vadim likes the fact that, unlike desktop products, mobile development is a very dynamic process. Most projects are short-term and the developer often takes on something new. So, at IQeon, Vadim came across the term “playing on the blockchain” and has already formed his own opinion on this matter.

Blockchain in game development solves many aspects. The technology improves reliability and protection against data falsification, and also ensures transparency of game processes. However, the implementation of games on the blockchain is impossible without a strong and united team. IQeon team works as a single living organism, so the project has enormous prospects! ”

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