Lead Human Resources Specialist Ekaterina Shimanskaya: “A person is always a value, not a tool”

Ekaterina Shimanskaya – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Ekaterina Shimanskaya, Lead Human Resources Specialist!

Ekaterina began her career in personnel management in 2008 from the Head of the Human Resources Department position in the large enterprise which employed more than 300 people. It required effective guidance of the team working at the international level. In addition, Ekaterina completed training at the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, where she acquired additional knowledge of psychology, that is very valuable for a specialist who work in the field of personnel formation and development.

Ekaterina joined IQeon in 2017, when the project team just started to form. At that time the specialist aligned personnel records and systematized office work.

Today, the expert monitors the situation on the labor market, conducts a quick and high-quality search for specialists, participates in the training and adaptation of new team members, takes part in personnel changes aimed at solving strategic issues, maintains documentation on the accounting and movement of personnel, administers document management, and also forms personnel reserve.

A personnel specialist is a type of psychological and managerial work: I not only analyze the personality, but also predict the success of employee’s work in the company. Often when forming an effective team it is necessary not only to pay attention to the professional skills of the candidate, but also to rely on intuition. The sixth sense allows to filter people and identify the most suitable candidates for the company. The ability to listen to your own voice coupled with experience becomes decisive, as it can complement the picture created on the basis of the objective characteristics of the future employee.”

According to Ekaterina, a person is always a value for a good personnel specialist, not a tool. Therefore, an expert, possessing enormous information resources, first of all, must be ethical in relation to himself, other managers and staff, which he is a part of. Ethics in relationships within the team and in the external field is very important.

A personnel specialist is a kind of communicator-negotiator whose purpose is not only to prevent conflict, but even to prevent thoughts of conflict. The ability to create conditions of cooperation favorable for all parties, developed empathy and ability to earn the trust of people you are working with are very important. All relationships, both professional and personal, are built on trust. Once these qualities perceived correctly and combined with the interests of the business, the success of the formed team is inevitable.

On Ekaterina’s opinion, possessing knowledge of psychology basics, labor law and the rules for maintaining personnel documentation is not enough. It is very important to keep abreast of modern concepts of staff management and to be aware of advanced methods of its assessment and regulation. Therefore, whenever possible, Ekaterina tries to follow the trends at the market, take part in online meetings and trainings.

From my own experience it became clear that professional abilities are boosted by real situations. The solution of local cases in the field of personnel management makes the work truly interesting. Moreover, the specifics of the work allows to switch between two activities: communicating with people and working with documents. Such a diversity of tasks helps to avoid burnout and emotional exhaustion, and makes you always hold a high bar.

The following material about IQeon team is coming very soon! Check out our news on the website and in official Telegram community of the project. 



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