Java developer Aivar Shahau: “Development is not about turning an abstract idea into code”

Aivar Shahau – IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Aivar Shahau, Java developer!

After graduating from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Aivar worked as an engineer for some time, however, having evaluated the huge potential of programming, he decided to study the popular language Java.

Aivar is confident that Java is still one of the most demanded languages in the programming market. Its development is always on the go: there are new versions appearing, that contain many functions which help in the development of upscale products.

Java has been on the market for a long time – its ecosystem has been actively developing since the early 2000s. And I believe that the language will remain the top one in the next decade. Today, most of the fintech tools, banking software, AR/VR products, as well as a significant part of the corporate software used by large companies to achieve business targets, are written in Java. It is used wherever a complex and large codebase is required, as well as high reliability and capacity.

Aivar joined IQeon team in January 2020. While helping to develop the project, the programmer creates applications, modules and microservices, works out their architecture and logic.

According to Aivar, in order to become a successful specialist, it is important not only to learn the language as a base, but also to constantly replenish knowledge, mastering frameworks with which you can quickly, easily and efficiently develop edgy products. Using the Spring and Hibernate frameworks, for example, not only simplifies time-consuming processes, but also provides powerful support for high-load microservices.

Having studied the base of the language and stopping further education, the programmer should understand that he will forever remain at the level of a strong “average performer” who will create an obviously irrelevant product. To get the status of a demanded professional, you need to constantly move forward. Development is not just turning an abstract idea into code, it is improving, exploring new technologies, software platforms and subject areas.

The Java language is suitable for creating a server-side of a product in any area. In addition, according to Aivar, this language is very popular in the development of solutions in the field of Internet of Things, Big Data, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Java is characterized by its versatility, high bandwidth and code flexibility, which helps in creating products for the most trending niches. Thus, developers have the opportunity to participate in the improvement of entire industries, where this language is an important part of the workflow.

Java is a great springboard to get into IT. However, it is worth remembering one simple rule: only those who love to study, don’t give up facing the first difficulty and strive to overcome new edges of development will achieve success.

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