Copywriter Alexandra Dolbun: “Relying on talent for writing is not enough”

Alexandra Dolbun – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Alexandra Dolbun, our copywriter!

Alexandra graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University, after which her professional engagement was closely related to languages. She has an experience in working as a translator, content manager, and specialist on creating advertising and presentation texts. She also had a good fortune of working in a fintech startup that operates blockchain technology.

Alexandra joined IQeon in 2019. At the company, she is engaged in the preparation of text content published on the corporate website, in the official communities of the project and on industry-specific portals. According to the specialist, a good copywriter should not only solve commercial problems and effectively process information, but, first of all, understand the audience of the project. To do this, she needs a well-developed empathy, knowledge of marketing and psychology.

It couldn’t be denied that a copywriter should be a competent specialist not lost on the style and rhythm of the text. However, focusing only on language patterns and grammar rules will end in nothing. First of all, it is necessary to lay the foundation for the text to make it work. A good copywriter in the present-day market is, first of all, a content marketing specialist rather than a linguist.

Content useful for organization and interesting to readers, according to Alexandra, can solve many problems, but the primary goal of any modern company is to win the trust and loyalty of its target audience. 

Having worked out a specific content marketing strategy, we at IQeon try to make sure that potential users already trust us in advance when having met our brand on the Internet. My task is to show our expertise, to convince users that we can help solve problems, teach something, or just entertain. So, we are actively completing our blog with useful articles where we talk about blockchain technology that is complex at first glance using plain language, dispel myths and fears associated with the digital asset industry, and push relevant topics that concern crypto players. All this allows to create an emotional connection with users.

Most of all, Alexandra likes the opportunity to expand her horizons on a daily basis, because the deeper the expertise of the author, the more interesting the text will be and the more people it will be able to attract. Here both natural curiosity and a passion to understand the topic you are writing about at 100% help. According to the expert, in order to write articles well, you need to constantly practice and read a lot, as well as follow the latest trends in the field you are writing about. Relying on talent for writing only is the wrong way.

According to Alexandra, good copywriting for a blockchain project is important at every stage of its development, because the chosen style of storytelling about the life of the team and product changes forms the first impression of the company for new users, and also fuels the interest of the existing audience of the project.

Many people form an opinion about a project based on the content they see on the official website, blog or community. Content often helps to distinguish a reliable project from a fraudulent one, whose team dissolves action in speech. Or vice versa, rarely reveals the details of its work to the audience. We at IQeon try to regularly publish news about our achievements and the progress of product development. And exactly a good copywriter can help to get out the right message about a project idea to users.

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