Full Stack Developer Dmitriy Mitrofansky: "All you need for development is desire and ability to access Google"

Dmitriy Mitrofansky - IQeon

We continue to acquaint you with people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Dmitriy Mitrofansky, Full Stack Developer!

Dmitriy stepped into programming quite spontaneously. As a schoolboy, he didn’t dream of creating computer programs, like many of his peers. However, future prospects in the profession are quite evident, and a few years later Dmitriy finally got into the development of digital products, in particular mobile games.

The specialist's portfolio consists of a huge number of foreign projects, including the creation of electronic log-books and diaries for the education system, crypto exchanges, arbitration robots and tools for trading binary options.

Dmitriy is sure, when developing such products, you should pay attention to the interactivity and responsiveness of the interface, because user satisfaction is always a priority. Functionality also needs to be brought to a new level, because data in such tools are changing in the real-time mode.

Dmitriy joined IQeon team in early 2020. He is responsible for the software development, its testing and maintenance. Dmitry is in charge of the frontend and sometimes backend development as well as product architecture.

Full stack developer is a kind of “Swiss Army Man”. And this multifunctionality is what I like the most. Constant switching between tasks helps to avoid burnout at work and hold up interest in what I am doing without turning everything into an utter boring routine. Thanks to this, I can get the purest pleasure from programming.

During his work Dmitriy has mastered such languages ​​as PHP, Objective-C and Swift. Over time, the specialist switched to Node.js and firmly established himself as a JavaScript developer.

JavaScript is not only the best choice for getting into the programming, but is also a powerful foundation for long-term development. Today it is used almost everywhere: from simple and beginner-friendly to complex professional tasks. With JS, you can develop servers, mobile and desktop applications, create standalone microcontrollers, interactive websites and blockchain solutions. However, it is important to learn additional frameworks and libraries, the majority of which are truly self-sufficient.

New JS frameworks appear on a regular basis, which open up access to a wider set of functions and helps to avoid reinventing the wheel. In order to keep up with recent changes, it is necessary to track updates literally every week, – Dmitriy notes. Here Medium, Reddit and one of the most popular websites for the Russian-speaking community of programmers — Habr can be useful.

The main feature of the IT field is that it’s all about never-ending learning. Discovering something new is important for your self-development as well. Today, desire and the ability to access Google can not stop you from achieving your goals.

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