Vadim Minkin, Front-end Developer: “Development is a process of continual improvement”

Vadim Minkin – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are pleased to present you front-end developer Vadim Minkin!

Vadim got engaged in programming after he completed specialized courses in software testing. Then, after getting interested in website layout, he delved into the development of web projects and studied JavaScript in addition to the basic HTML and CSS programming languages. Vadim’s portfolio contains a number of successful products among which the application for media resources, which is designed as the service allowing to create and build interactive content into a web structure.

At IQeon, Vadim is mainly involved in performance optimization of the gaming platform. The task is quite complex and affects not only the front-end, but also the back-end areas.

Vadim believes that the development does not end up with releasing the product. One of the key stages in the development of a project is its SEO optimization.

Optimization is much more than just “promoting your site to the top list”. It is crucial to ensure maximum representation of the product at the leading positions at the Internet request of potential buyers. According to the requirements of search engines, pages with faster loading speed are better indexed. This can be achieved by gradually improving product’s performance.”

The challenge of the task lies in the specific nature of the it is a single-page application.

Optimizing a single-page application requires much more effort than working with a multi-page resource. The data on the platform is dynamic, it is constantly updated, that’s why it’s very important not to overload the site. For the user, operating with the web page should be as convenient as possible. To provide this “easy-to-use” feature, first of all, there is a need to create a simple and user-friendly interface so that the user can easily interact with the system. This will help him to avoid negative impressions and stay on the site.

Only within the last couple of months, thanks to Vadim’s work in the development team, the platfom productivity increased by 50%!

The professional goals set by the front-end developer are the continual improvement, both  of the product and personality. Vadim plans to study truly promising programming language – Python, and to deepen his knowledge in related fields, as for example, SEO.

Development is a process of continuous improvement. Often you have to come back and get something better, but this is how a really good product is created, thinks Vadim.

The next material about the IQeon team is coming soon! Follow the news on our platform and in the official Twitter community.



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