Anatoly Zhilko, Front-end Developer: “Statistics shows if the audience enjoys web design”

Anatoly Zhilko – IQeon

We continue to introduce you to the people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are pleased to present you Anatoly Zhilko, Front-end Developer at IQeon!

Anatoly moved to programming from web design. He engaged in page making initially and created web pages using Joomla system. Then, he began to develop sites on PHP after completing specialized courses. An online store site and a web directory of organizations are among large projects, in which he created front-end and back-end parts.  

At IQeon Anatoly deals with support of company sites and page making. Most of the products, including the gaming platform, are based on JavaScript, therefore the developer had to increase his knowledge on this programming language. Coding of an intelligent game “Quiz” was one of not-trivial tasks that he was faced with. The developer was in charge of quiz visualization and made corrections to game functionality. 

To copy mock-up created by a designer to the code totally is the purpose of a template designer. To do this, you need to understand how browsers display web-pages and thus know HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript according to recent trends. And furthermore you should take into account a lot of nuances related to design, said Anatoly Zhilko.

According to the front-end developer, a web-site design has to be intuitively comprehensible with convenient navigation through pages and adapted to any screens. Adaptability is a key component of a web-site layout because today more than 60% of site visits are generated through mobile devices. 

Web-site design principles are gradually changing. Five years ago many webpages consisted animation and catchy banners. Web-designers tried to fill out the whole free space. Trends have changed to the exact opposite now. Front-end developers seek to minimize text on pages, decrease multi-media and keep more “white space” (free space) on a page, told the specialist. 

In Anatoly’s opinion, interesting design, quality page making and convenient navigation are things that attract users and motivate them to stay longer on a web-site. And statistics always shows if the audience enjoys web-design.

IQeon gaming platform is still on the beta-testing stage and needs to be substantially improved. Our goal is to make it more comprehensible for users. We are developing the platform concept, changing functionality and layout each time when we get users’ feedback. Also, we are seeking to make the platform more readable for search engines because neither Google nor Yandex processes JS-pages. All of these require tremendous efforts put by a big team of professionals. There are such a team at IQeon,” stressed the front-end developer. 


The following material about IQeon team very soon! Check out our news on the platform and in the official community on Facebook.



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