CTO Yuriy Navadvorski: “We’re working with a focus on the end product”

Yuriy Navadvorski – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Yuriy Navadvorski, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)!

Yuriy began programming in his teenage years. After graduating from Minsk Radioengineering College, he gained experience while working on freelance projects.

After that he occupied a programmer position in international product companies. The technical specialist has been working in such large organizations as TUT.ВY, Ciklum, Mühlemann&Popp Online Media AG and others.

Among the products developed by Yuriy are plugins for e-commerce companies, sites and applications for numerous sections of the information portal, a cryptocurrency exchange, automated systems and a neural network for insurance institutions. Also, while being a programmer in one of the projects, he gained experience in developing smart contracts.

Yuriy got used to multitasking work and managed to gain skills not only of a programmer, but also of a SCRUM-master and team manager. 

Everyone should improve themselves all life long, and this is a matter of all people.

According to my trait profile, I love challenges and new areas of activity that motivate me in terms of individual and professional growth.

Having vast experience in working with different projects, Yuriy is constantly expanding the stack of used programming languages. Today he uses PHP, JS (React / Node.js), Golang, Python, Java, Shell Script, Solidity technologies.

At IQeon, Yuriy occupies the position of Chief Technical Officer. His responsibilities include the development of concepts for new products and algorithms, a description of the application architecture, management and optimization of project team work, implementation and support of various processes within the company.

All processes within the project should work like a charm – in a clear and well-managed way. Moreover, if I have all the levers for building these processes, then their quality is significantly improved.

In my work, it is important not only to control the development of a product regarding programs, but also to professionally perform managerial duties, because with proper management, the effectiveness of the team increases exponentially.

It is important to analyze personality profile of each team member, his interests and skills in order to use these resources in the optimal way. The greater the success of the team, the higher the economic efficiency of my work.

Yuriy has come across the concept of blockchain at IQeon not for the first time. The main advantage of distributed registry technology, according to the expert, lies in its anonymity provision and solution of “Byzantine generals problem”, allowing network nodes to reach a consensus on the current state of the system. In other words, most participants in a distributed network must agree on the same action and perform it.

There are no fundamental differences between the development of blockchain project products and traditional software. Blockchain is an additional system with which you interact through certain interfaces.

Of course, there are some peculiarities. The programmer needs to know a special algorithm for coding smart contracts, as well as the basics of cryptography. However, our team has not yet faced unsolvable problems. The only thing that matters is focus on results and the end product.

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