CMO Hanna Lemiasheuskaya: “A leader is someone who can pull together a team of professionals and trust them”

Hanna Lemiasheuskaya – IQeon

We continue to introduce people who are developing and improving IQeon. We are glad to introduce Hanna Lemiasheuskaya, Chief Marketing Officer!

Hanna has considerable experience in the field of Internet marketing and e-Commerce, where she managed to work with the promotion of products in B2B and B2C segments.

As a project manager, Hanna used to develop the direction of traditional marketing on the Internet and delved into the web analytics and studying of key performance indicators of advertising campaigns.

At IQeon, Hanna holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer. Here she came across the concept of blockchain for the first time. According to the expert, in order to effectively help in project management, she had to conduct a deep analysis of this area, in particular, of the blockchain gaming industry. However, it is developing at such a great speed that the expert has to constantly monitor trends that appear on the market.

Our project, like the entire blockchain gaming industry, is developing at an incredible speed. Market and consumer demands are changing, expecting the same from projects. Therefore, the most flexible business, which has noticed and adapted to the changes of interests on time and has been able to retain users, will win the competition.

Hanna also considers that a thorough analysis of the audience, evaluation of prospective partners, and following the activities of competitors are important in her work. According to CMO, it is crucial not only to understand what users pay more attention to, but also to know how other projects react to the changing of their favours.

One of the essential points in the work of my team is the analysis of competitors and their actions in response to market changes. Most successful projects don’t follow the crowd. They have their own uniqueness, which sets them apart from similar companies in their niche. However, observing competitors can often help to adopt proven experience or not to slip up. It’s important not to blend with competitors, because it will benefit them, and not your own company.

Hanna’s daily responsibilities include evaluating the department’s performance, exploring promising areas for project development, and optimizing the budget for advertising campaigns. The marketing director often has to work in multitasking mode because the expert has a lot of areas of responsibility.

Marketing is the work which combines a number of very different areas. On the one hand, it is extremely important to be able to logically analyze large amounts of data, to be able to draw up causal relationships, to understand all aspects of the product. The logical approach helps to more clearly manage the team and all the promotion processes. On the other hand, for a successful CMO it is important to remain self-organized and stick to time management, be stress-resistant and objective. It is essential for the manager as a team player to be able to admit her own mistakes because no one is perfect at everything. First of all, a leader is someone who can pull together a team of professionals and trust them.

Hanna is sure that the promotion of the blockchain project has similar principles to the promotion of other projects. Specialist always needs to focus on the interested audience and keep its attention. For this, the marketing director constantly analyses user behavior, explores the potential of existing trends, monitors the emergence of innovative promotion tools which can be suitable for the blockchain project.

The majority of users is switching to online space where they are relaxing and having fun now and will continue to do it. And blockchain is the future for projects and the economy as a whole. Innovative technology brings convenience and fairness, especially to the online gaming industry. Blockchain games are a kind of symbiosis of the future. Therefore, the potential of the project is enormous.

The following material about IQeon team is coming very soon! Check out our news on the platform and in official community on Facebook.




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