Backend Developer Rostislav Kravchenko: "Blockchain is a real challenge for developers"

Backend Developer Rostislav Kravchenko

We continue to inform you about the people who develop and constantly update IQeon platform. We are glad to present to you Rostislav Kravchenko, our backend developer!

Programming and game development have always been a hobby for Rostislav. Study at the Belarusian National Technical University at the Faculty of informational technologies and robot-technique significantly expanded his knowledge and helped to find its professional area – programming of the server part of sites and applications. Python and C++ among the main working languages that Rostislav uses. 

His portfolio is sufficiently varied. He was involved in the development of the record-keeping system for an industrial enterprise, has been developing the backend of a site with several language versions, worked on applications related to the protection of information, finalized an application to calculate the mass of cargo on the conveyors and much more.

At the company Rostislav is mainly engaged in the backend of the IQeon platform. 

Programming languages improved all the time and their standards evolve either. This leads to the fact that today it is possible to use almost any language to complete different operations. For example, backend can be based on either Java or C++, but it will be easier and faster on Python. Generally, this language is more suitable for product systems. I like Python not only for its functionality but also for syntax. Compared to other languages, it looks shorter and pure because it does not require additional characters, said Rostislav.

According to the coder, it is necessary to strive to higher productivity of applications and request processing speed. This might be done in different ways. For example, spend a lot of time for development and create a perfect ergonomic system that will save hard drive memory. Or you can write a backend quickly, but use more productive hardware that will compensate disadvantages of the system. In both cases, the rate of work will be approximately the same. Both options are two extremes. So, it is necessary to try to achieve a certain balance between backend writing and server equipment.

Rostislav has to deal with the real professional challenges at IQeon company. All of them are related to blockchain technology, which was used in the development of the game platform.

To store the information and keep data secure, this technology is quite promising but very complex. Blockchain is a real challenge for developers. And those who want to introduce it will need a lot of special knowledge to create an algorithm for blockchain or even just modify it, - IQeon developer considers.

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