Interview with IQeon team for the Tsinghua University about blockchain games and Chinese players

IQeon - Tsinghua University

IQeon founder Vadim Dovguchits and CISO of the company Denys Havrylenko were interviewed by Cultural and Creative Finance Research Center at the Tsinghua University. The article was published on the official page of the center on WeChat.

Game industry is the second largest of spheres using blockchain technology, after finance sector. Blockchain can improve game process and give a completely new experience for users. Developers of the platform, based on Ethereum, tried to fully exploit all the advantages, which blockchain gives. Thanks to this technology, it was possible to create the safe storage system of users’ funds and ensure that transaction history and game process are open and transparent. 

Blockchain projects are still gaining popularity, therefore IQeon platform can be a guide, what leads users into the high tech world, by its gaming component. But entertainment is not the key goal of the team.

The IQeon mission is to motivate our users to develop their qualities and skills in intellectual games. Also, to give them an opportunity to learn something new, emphasized Vadim Dovguchits.

In the interview, the founder of PvP platform described the difficulties that facing developers of blockchain projects and presented how to decrease disadvantages of the technology and make it more attractive for business. 

The Tsinghua University’s researchers were particularly interested in activity of Chinese players on the platform. As Denys Havrylenko stated, Chinese players differ by high productivity and large number of victories. He promised that IQeon will be more comfortable for foreign players in the future. The company plans to localize the platform and make it more accessible for users with different languages. 

I am sure that in 10 years blockchain technology will become an integral part of games. And it won’t be enough for users to play games without any guarantees of reliability and transparency, which blockchain gives. We believe that blockchain is the future of the game industry, Denys Havrylenko summarized. 

The Tsinghua University is one of the leading universities in PRC, what at the forefront in Chinese national universities rating. It is a member of “С9 League”, Chinese association of the most prestigious higher education establishments.

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