ICORockstars Platform Highly Rated IQeon Intellectual Functionality

08 March 2018
ICORockstars Platform Highly Rated IQeon Intellectual Functionality

When a quality product is being noticed by the Blockchain community is not a surprise but rather a consistent pattern. IQeon is a fully working PvP gaming platform hosting games and apps.

ICORockstars is a growing community run but a team of Blockchain enthusiasts, financial experts, and investment analysts. The platform team gave IQeon 8.5 out of 10. There are three main criteria to assess IQeon platform: Product Potential, Business Applicability, Team and Advisors.

ICORockstars platform serves as a guide for investors and community enthusiasts helping everyone make right decisions and invest in the projects with low-risk levels.

Also, don’t forget about the ICO we are running right now. Get IQN at the affordable price and 5% bonus while you still have the chance!



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