Giveaway is over. Who got the desired Trezor wallets?

Giveaway is over. Who got the desired Trezor wallets?

IQeon closed the giveaway of Trezor hardware wallets which means that unique devices for storing cryptocurrency have found their owners. The most active community members got their desired prizes and may not worry about the safety of their digital assets.

Meet our winners: Di from Ukraine, Ivan from Croatia and Alex from Russia. Congratulations and thank you all for the active participation!

We remind you that IQN gaming cryptocurrency has already been added to the Trezor wallet. Thanks to storing all of the digital assets on a portable device, Trezor ensures a high level of security of your finances. The private key is kept on the device and cannot be used by any third parties. Besides, U2F-authentication will allow wallet owners to use many online services.

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