Gaming IQN is available in Trezor Wallet

Gaming IQN is available in Trezor Wallet

We have news that you didn’t expected for! IQeon gaming cryptocurrency is now available in the Trezor hardware wallet. It means that IQN holders get a whole new opportunity to store it in the most safe manner.

Trezor is a unique hardware wallet presented in a form of portable device for storing cryptocurrencies. Each wallet has its own seed-password that includes up to 24 words. Users can recover their funds at any time with the help of this password.

The reliability of Trezor is ensured by:

  • Firmware verification
  • Ultrasound hardware seal
  • Protected key operations
  • Secure update procedure
  • Write-protected bootloader
  • Possibility of backup & recovery

Trezor wallet can also be used as U2F-authentication method in many popular cloud services. The private key is stored only on the device, it’s not kept online and cannot be obtained from the wallet by any third parties which makes working with cryptocurrencies incredibly safe.

Users also can benefit from Trezor Password Manager app with the help of which they can encrypt all important passwords and keep them safely even at Dropbox or Google Drive.

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